Unit Title:

Topic: Story Elements: Setting
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Subject(s): Reading
1. Unit plan title:
Identify the setting
2. unit plan summary:Our main objective is for students to evaluate story elements by first identifying the characters, setting, and key events on a story. This unit plan will mainly focus on setting. The teacher will read the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The students will complete a visual ranking activity, illustrate/design a house focusing on setting, and acting out the different parts of the story distinguishing each setting.
3. curriculum framing questions:Essential Question Why do we read stories?
Unit Questions
How does the setting effect the story? What do you need to make a story?
Content Questions What is the setting in the story? Who are the characters? What events happened within the story? What do the characters do in the story?

Project Idea:
  • Real World Connection(s):Understand how stories are created.
  • Student Role(s):Author, Creator, Editor, Illustrator, and Publisher.
  • Scenario:Understand the elements of a story as well as develop literacy skills. Gain an insight in the skill of evaluating.

Visual Ranking Project:

  • Idea/Overview:Students will evaluate the importance of different material objects in relation to the setting through the perspective of Goldilocks and the little bear.
  • How will the use of the tool fit into your Unit Plan and help your students meet the learning objectives and target higher-order thinking skills? Our unit plan is about setting and this visual ranking tool will play a key role in our students ability to question and evaluate, which in turn is a higher order thinking skill.
  • Concerns you might have about using the tool or incorporating ranking:The teacher will have to read to the students, lack of visuals, and make sure everyone can understand and follow procedures.
  • Feedback you would like from others: We would like any procedural ideas that will help us implement this tool with younger students.

Seeing Reason Project:

  • Idea/Overview:What affects the setting? Students will create a map that illustrates the setting that will increase/decrease the chance to see a bear.
  • How will the tool fit into our Unit Plan and help your students meet the learning objectives and target higher-order thinking skills? Cause and effect are higher order thinking skills for kindergarteners. We will use this tool to illustrate how the setting will change within a story. As well as be affected by the characters.
  • Does your unit involve a complex system or issue that warrants delving into identifying and analyzing cause-and-effect relationships? Not really but we made it work. This is going to be a whole group activity that is led by the teacher.
  • Concerns you might have about using this tool:It takes kindergarteners time to gain understanding about cause and effect. We will be challenging them with this project.
  • Feedback you would like from others: Any ideas about how to make this work within our classroom.