Unit Title: Effects of Natural Disasters

Topic: Effects of Natural Disasters
Grade Level:3rd
Subject(s): Science, Social Studies

nit Summary: Students will first learn about the different geographic features found on Earth. They will discuss the pros and cons of each, as well as compare and contrast each feature. Students will choose a geographic feature(s) in which they'd prefer to live and create a simulation of their home. Students will also learn about different sudden changes on Earth. Students will discuss the causes and effects of each change (natural disaster). Ultimately, they will be evaluating the affects of various natural disasters to their geographic simulation.
Essential Question- How do communities adapt to change?
Unit Questions- What natural disasters affect geography the most?
How to natural disasters affect communities?
What type of geographical feature would you most prefer to live near?
When are sudden changes to Earth referred to as natural disasters?
Content Questions- What are Earth's land and water features?
What geographical areas are affected by which natural disasters?
What are examples of sudden changes to Earth?
What causes sudden changes to Earth?
How do communities prepare for a natural disaster?
What natural disasters do not cause a sudden change to Earth's surface?

Project Idea:
  • Real World Connection(s): Understand how natural disasters have affected other communities
  • Student Role(s): Scientist or reporter depending on how students choose to present information
  • Scenario: Simulation of a natural disaster's impact on a community

Visual Ranking Project:
  • Idea/Overview: Students will rank the following geographic features in order from the most desirable land feature to live near to least desirable, with the most desirable being placed at the top.
  • How will the use of the tool fit into your Unit Plan and help your students meet the learning objectives and target higher-order thinking skills? After students research landforms they will rank them in order from the kind they find most desirable to live near to the kind they find least desirable to live near. This requires students to consider the pros and cons of each type of landform compare and contrast those with the other landforms.
  • Concerns you might have about using the tool or incorporating ranking:
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Seeing Reason Project:
  • Idea/Overview: Students will analyze the cause and effect of a natural disaster.
  • How will the tool fit into our Unit Plan and help your students meet the learning objectives and target higher-order thinking skills? Students will have learned about various natural disasters and will have to demonstrate their understanding of the causes and effects of a particular disaster. Later on in the unit, students will reinforce their knowledge by demonstrating how a natural disaster affects their particular community (geographic feature).
  • Does your unit involve a complex system or issue that warrants delving into identifying and analyzing cause-and-effect relationships? Yes--students will delve into the concept of natural disasters, what causes them and what are their effects?
  • Concerns you might have about using this tool:
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