Unit Title: Global Change

Topic: Global Changes
Grade Level: 3rd Grade
Subject(s): Science, Social Studies, and Reading
Project Idea:

The world is changing every minute. We have seen many events and tragedies that have affected the world causing an impact on the population.

First, you will need to research what factors have impacted the decrease in the human population. Second, you will research and recommend ways to improve our world. It’s a small world and you have the power to change it!


Assess the quality of their journal and science entries to monitor progress and understanding of project. Use teacher and peer feedback throughout the unit to help students develop their higher order thinking skills and process content. Students will use a timeline to monitor and guide their learning. Final project will be presented to class.

Real World Connection(s): Students will be able to see how they can impact and change the world.
  • Student Role(s): Reporter/writer

Visual Ranking Project:

  • Idea/Overview: Students will have the opportunity to rank their opinions based on factors that they believe most impact the decrease in global population.
  • Objective: I can identify and prioritize causes that impact the decrease in human population.
  • How will the use of the tool fit into your Unit Plan and help your students meet the learning objectives and target higher-order thinking skills? Students will be required to justify their answers by researching the individual factors: drought, famine, disease, natural disasters (i.e. hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes).
  • Concerns you might have about using the tool or incorporating ranking: When is the ranking tool most appropriate? Pre or post assessment? - Hunger, dry ground, sickness
  • Feedback you would like from others: possible extensions and reteach

Seeing Reason Project:

  • Idea/Overview: How can I change the world?
  • How will the tool fit into our Unit Plan and help your students meet the learning objectives and target higher-order thinking skills? Objective - Students will begin to brainstorm what they can do to change the world and how they can make an impact. (i.e. Can I start collecting money to buy mosquitos net to send over to Africa?)
  • Does your unit involve a complex system or issue that warrants delving into identifying and analyzing cause-and-effect relationships? Yes, students will show cause and effects of decrease in human population by completing a Seeing Reasoning Tool.
  • Concerns you might have about using this tool: What about Thinking Maps? Am I going to get dinged?
  • Feedback you would like from others: extension and reteach applications